Why Does Theresa May Want to Bring Grammar Schools Back?

Theresa May wants to pave the way for a new generation of grammar schools in the United Kuingdom.

The nation’s new Prime Minister, former grammar school pupil herself, wants to overturn an almost two decades old ban  on opening new selective state schools in the UK.

According to insiders, this proposed change is about social mobility and aims hat people in the UK have the opportunity to capitalise on all of their talents”.

In the UK, Grammar schools are selective state secondary schools. Those who want to attend a grammar school need to pass an exam, the 11-plus, to be get in. Previously, those pupils who failed the exams were sent to the local secondary modern school.

Today, there are 164 grammar schools in the United Kingdom. All the other schools in the country are comprehensive schools, where pupils can attend without any special academic abilities required.

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